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In 1992 the choir took part in the “Rivers of Europe” Festival in Paris (France); then after a series of concerts in Kishinev (Republic of Moldova), it also participated in the “Transylvanian Echoes” Festival in Zalău (Romania).

In 1993 it successfully took part in the Festival of Peney-le-Jorat (Switzerland) and the International Festival of Budapest (Hungary). The choir was also present at the “Bucharest ‘93” Contest, where it won the Jury’s Special Prize.

In 1994 the choir was invited to Russia to participate in the International Festival “The Earth – out mutual home” (Yekaterinburg and Moscow).

In April 1995, the “Symbol” choir took part in “Celebrating Easter Together” at the invitation of the Balkan Countries Association in Loire (France). Concerts were held in the cathedral of St. Donatien and in the chapel of the religious institution Blanche de Castille in Nantes (France), as well as in the Romanian Cultural Centre in Paris.

In July 1996, the choir was invited to participate in the International Music Festival of Cantonigros (Spain). On this occasion, the choir travelled through 8 European countries and had concerts in France (Bruguières – Toulouse, Hyères) and in Germany (Diessen, Andechs, Krefeld).

In 2000 the “Symbol” choir had a series of concerts in Belgium and Germany, and in 2001 it held a micro-tour of 7 concerts in Paris and a tour in Belgium.
Another very successful tour in Belgium followed in 2003, when the choir had 14 Christmas carols concerts in just 9 days.

Later, in December 2004, the choir gave two concerts in Oslo and sang specific Orthodox wedding songs at the wedding ceremony of a Norwegian-Romanian couple (he is one of the most influential persons in Norway). Also in 2004, the “Symbol” choir participated in the “Béla Bartók” International Contest in Debrecen (Hungary) and in the International Religious Festival of Gabrovo (Bulgaria).

The year 2005 brought along a summer tour in Belgium, in the Flemish region of the country. Thanks to the great relation with the Belgian-Romanian Alliance and the loving hosts in Flanders, the “Symbol” choir returns yet again to Belgium in 2007 for a Christmas tour.

As a result of the partnership with the Choir of the Music Academy in Alexandropoulos the “Symbol” choir is able to travel to Greece in autumn of 2008 for a series of concerts in the cities of Alexandropoulos and Orestiada.

The year 2006 is when the choir is first invited to take part in the Europeade Festival. Subsequently, the “Symbol” choir enjoys great success at the 43rd edition of the festival that year in Zamora (Spain). As it was very much appreciated by the organizers the choir decide to participate also in the 45th and 46th editions of the Europeade Festival which took place in Martigny (Switzerland) in 2008 and, respectively, in Klaipeda (Lithuania) in 2009.

Also this year - in 2009 – part of the choir will go once again to Belgium for another Christmas tour in the Flemish region of the country and in Brussels. In the meantime the members of the choir who are staying at home will have traditional Christmas carols concerts in different locations (see "Events")

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